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Jose Carrasquillo: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

Kellyanne Conway recently said that those that did not vote for you (the majority of Americans) should try to see what’s in your heart. The irony of her request is, of course, that ever since you declared your candidacy, what’s in your heart has been evidently clear.

José Carrasquillo — Photo: Todd Franson/File photo

I’m assuming all the stuff you stated during the campaign and after your election has come straight from that heart. But soon you will be the POTUS and I wonder about the following: How discriminatory will your administration be against the LGBT community? Will you go along with Right Wing Republicans in Congress and sign into law the First Amendment Defense Act, thus enshrining discrimination into our constitution and adversely affecting the lives of every LGBT person in our country? Will your Justice Department and the judges you appoint try to take away the rights that we have gained?

Those rights, incidentally, are not special rights, as some continue to label them. Deportations, wall building, Muslim ban and draconian registries will affect thousands of our LGBT brothers and sisters. And repealing the Affordable Care Act is an outright act of cruelty against the most vulnerable.

In regards to these issues I’m actually curious to see what’s in your heart.

Jose Carrasquillo

Freelance Theatre Director and Educator

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