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Holly Goldmann: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I’m a Trans woman from New York City who has lived in D.C. the past 19 years. I never felt you were a serious candidate for POTUS. So, initially, I didn’t pay it much attention. I should have. I never disliked or despised you. But you were always in the center of some tabloid fodder.

Coming of age in the early ’90s, I recall you being critical of President Clinton for not making LGBT rights easy in the workplace. You said you didn’t care what someone was, as long as they did a good job. You defended an outed Canadian Trans contestant in one of your pageants a few years back. And you even commented that the “bathroom bills” were a joke at a press conference with your family.

Pardon my impoliteness, but you have diarrhea of the mouth. And I’m not sure I trust your decisions. Your cabinet appointees are a joke — literally looking like a rogue’s gallery. I truly worry about war and international relations. I worry about my international friends who live in the states, both documented and undocumented, and I worry about the rights of minorities, who as a group are quickly becoming the majority.

I try to see the good in you. But you’ve thrown your ridiculous choice for VP under the bus to cover for your antics. And you have used your wife to do the same. (If your “record” repeats itself, will she still be your wife in four years?)

I’m asking you to think before you talk, and to get the hell off Twitter. You’ve made this country a joke. We’re the laughing stock of the world.

I know you’re a smart man, but you have no filter. And that’s your weakness. Can you keep America great? I don’t think it’s broken. Listen to experienced politicians from all the parties, and change your cabinet. We shouldn’t be working against each other — we need to work together to keep this country great.

Everything is so black and white with you. You can’t treat policies and politics like you treat Rosie O’Donnell. This isn’t a tabloid paper anymore — welcome to the real world. The joke is over, and the jokes will be on you.

Holly Goldmann

Executive Producer
Capital Trans Pride

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