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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

30 Rock

Thursday, Oct. 4, NBC

TINA FEY. ALEC Baldwin. In the running for TV’s greatest on-screen comic duo, the pair have delivered consistent brilliance for six seasons, and as 30 Rock draws into its seventh, and final, season, it will be a sad thing indeed to see the two finally part ways. Their fellow Emmy nominees in the Best Actor/Actress categories may breathe a sigh of relief, but Thursday nights won’t be the same without the surreal, hilarious antics of the TGS staff and crew. While the series has noticeably declined in quality as it has aged, it still manages to best almost every other sitcom on television – no mean feat for a show that was only kept on the air as it was cheaper to make than Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60. Six seasons and 10 Emmys later, it still has viewership figures that would cause heart attacks at CBS, but popularity has never been a concern for Fey and company.

Instead, 30 Rock thrives on providing some of the best scripted comedy of the 21st century, with each episode crammed full of pop culture references and biting satire, all delivered by a cast that are among the strongest in the business – Jane Karakowski, in particular, needs an Emmy for her work as Jenna. Little has been divulged about how the show will wrap things up, but expect plenty more awkward Liz moments to enjoy. Good God, Lemon.

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