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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

Last Resort

Thursday, Sept. 27, ABC

THE SHIELD. THAT’S the pedigree Last Resort brings to the table. Shawn Ryan, creator of the much-loved, much-lauded FX series, brings a show that actually sounds more like a film on first approach. In it, the crew of a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine disobey a direct order to launch missiles at Pakistan. In doing so, they incur the wrath of the U.S. government, who attempt to destroy the vessel and its crew and cover up the incident. The crew survives and makes base on an island, declaring themselves a sovereign, nuclear-capable nation. The series focuses on their struggle to defend themselves against attack, while also trying to prove their innocence and ultimately return home to America. Dramatic stuff, indeed.

While reservations are in place as to how ABC will stretch the story out over (potentially) multiple seasons, the concept alone is worth the investment. With Ryan helming the project, we can expect the same quality that Shield was commended for. At the very least it offers an intriguing insight into what could happen should nuclear war occur – accidentally or otherwise.

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