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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

Parks and Recreation

Thursday, Sept. 20, NBC

PARKS AND RECREATION is the best comedy on TV. There, we said it. If you haven’t watched it before, go and find it, and absorb the brilliance of Amy Poehler’s post-SNL wunderkind. After a shaky Season 1, it has matured with age, mixing every kind of comedy into one delicious whole. Featuring an excellent ensemble including Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott, Parks has something for everyone, but unfortunately everyone is watching the inferior sitcoms on CBS.

Season 4 gave us Leslie’s tumultuous – and ultimately successful – run for City Council, and as we enter Season 5, expect to see the strain of her new responsibility affecting her relationship with Ben, the Parks Department struggling to cope with her absence, Ron Swanson finding love (she’s not called Tammy, which bodes well), and more of the stuff Parks does so well with every episode. Seriously, just watch it.

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