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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

666 Park Avenue

Sunday, Sept. 30, ABC

ABC SEEMS TO be creating a theme for their Sunday night lineup. With the cancellation of most of their daytime soaps, they’ve instead turned their Sunday night primetime shows into high-drama soap reincarnations. Enter 666 Park Avenue to round out the trio, which includes Once Upon A Time and Revenge.

Looking very much like a tame American Horror Story, 666 takes place in a New York City apartment block, whose owner – Terry O’Quinn (Lost) – is the landlord from hell. Literally. With the help of his wife, Vanessa Williams, the two strike deals with the tenants that have dark consequences. We follow a young couple as they move into the building, and gradually come to learn the true nature of its owner and fellow residents – both past and current. It’s fairly camp, but it also looks rather fun, and should nicely round out ABC’s Sunday night lineup.

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