Thursday, January 20, 2005 - Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NewsMilitary BackupMCSN marks first year of trying to pick up the Pentagon's slack in supporting gay service members
StageDire StraightsSignature's 'Proust' offers a straight-to-gay conundrum, while Folger adds
Snapshots Amateur Night Heat Henry Linser
Snapshots DC Eagle DC Eagle Ward Morrison
Snapshots MAL 2005: Leather Cocktails Almas Temple Michael Wichita
Snapshots Mr. MAL 2005 Almas Temple Todd Franson
Snapshots MAL 2005: Reaction MAL Weekend Closing Night Party at Nation Michael Wichita
Snapshots MAL 2005: VIP Reception Washington Plaza Henry Linser
Snapshots MAL 2005: Leather Exhibit Hall and The Lobby of the Washington Plaza Henry Linser

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