Thursday, June 16, 2011 - Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feature StoryA Capital PrideWashington's LGBT community took to the streets to celebrate and advocate – and send a message of equality
NewsGay T & TWhile the focus has been on GLAAD, a closer look shows AT&T's ongoing attempts to influence policy statements of LGBT organizations
NewsSafeway Couple SatisfiedGay couple called ''faggots'' at D.C. grocery store finds resolution
NewsSenate Cuts Anti-Gay AmendmentsDefense bill passed by Senate committee contains none of House's anti-LGBT amendments, adds provision repealing military code's sodomy law
NewsCashier TerminatedSafeway issues second apology and fires employee for homophobic epithets
NewsToo Little, Too LateGay couple says Safeway apology inadequate, while Commissioner Litsky suggests three steps for the company to right the wrong
NewsCorporate ContritionSafeway issues an apology to gay D.C. couple insulted by cashier
NewsMarrying MattersFrom Proposition 8 to New York lawmakers – with a bankruptcy court thrown in for good measure – marriage equality is a bi-coastal proposition this week
NewsMaking the PointHometown and transplant, locals win LGBT scholarships
NewsGender in VirginiaTransgender inmate sues for surgery
NewsDog DayPride of Pets readies its 18th show of pups in Dupont
NewsFostering GrantT.H.E. sets Fannie Mae funds to parenting effort
NewsPlanning AheadCatania holds roundtable with organizers for AIDS 2012 conference
NewsVideo ApologyConcerned gay D.C. resident records video apology from Safeway cashier who called customers ''faggots''
MusicJewish AngstQueer ''anti-folk'' artist Dan Fishback returns to D.C.
StageFur FlurryStudio's Venus in Fur is an exceptionally sharp theatrical exercise in the hands of David Ives and David Muse
OpinionNotes on PrideAfter all that work comes the affirmation
OpinionLabel for OnePride is a time to celebrate gay-given individuality
OpinionThe Path to PrideWhether you're on your first Pride or your 100th, your talent and ideas are needed for the future
HoroscopeHoroscopeJune 16-22, 2011
VideoThe DC Cowboys: 'Song Like This' [video]2011 Capital Pride Festival
VideoE-Clef - 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' [video]2011 Capital Pride Festival
VideoMama's Black Sheep: 'Better With You' [video]2011 Capital Pride Festival
VideoBettina - 'Honeymoon is Over' [video]Capital Pride 2011
VideoJennifer Holliday performs 'Magic' [video]2011 Capital Pride Festival
VideoOutspoken Ep. 32 - Special Capital Pride Edition [video]Residents and visitors tell why they visit DC's Capital Pride
BusinessBeing an EntrepreneurIt may start with a conversation with like-minded individuals
Snapshots Capital Trans-Pride MCC-DC Ward Morrison
Snapshots Somewhere... The Official Capital Pride Weekend Party Newseum Dylan Comstock
Snapshots Pride Idol Finals / Underwear Auction Cobalt DC Ward Morrison
Snapshots Capital Pride Heroes and Engendered Spirit Awards House of Sweden Ward Morrison
Snapshots Latino Pride Town Danceboutique Ward Morrison
Snapshots 2011 Capital Pride Parade P Street, Dupont Circle and 17th Street NW Cavin Le, Ward Morrison, Randy Shulman and Julian Vankim
Snapshots 2011 Capital Pride Festival Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC Cavin Le, Ward Morrison, Randy Shulman and Julian Vankim

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