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2013, Apr 02Generational HeatChristian Taboada discusses his televised ''spring break with senior citizens''
2012, Aug 01Fight Back: 'Vito' on HBOA documentary as vibrant and argumentative as its subject
2012, Mar 09Review: Game ChangeFrankenstein Unbound: Get ready to feel more sympathy for Sarah Palin than you expected, even if that glint in her eye is still a scary thing to behold
2011, Oct 06The Melancholy SadnessRenée Richards changed the world -- and paid a price
2011, Jul 21Role ModelSajdah Golde moved from D.C. to Hollywood and found herself in the middle of a reality series
2010, Aug 05Housewife CommissionLocal artist and former bartender Glenn Fry was tapped to be part of Bravo's The Real Housewives of D.C.
2005, Aug 11Birch SocietyThoughtful GLBT people craving something deeper than 'Queer Eye' should be heartened by the arrival of 'Birch & Co' on 'here!'
2004, Apr 22All Soaped Up''One Tree Hill'' on WB
2004, Apr 01Fantastical Voyage''Wonderfalls'' on Fox
2004, Mar 25Unwittingly Hooked''Playing it Straight'' on Fox
2004, Mar 11Swan Dive''Celeste in the City'' on ABC Family Network
2004, Mar 04Flash in the PlanComedy Central's ''Straight Plan for the Gay Man''
2004, Feb 12Iron Jawed AngelsHilary Swank as Alice Paul on HBO
2004, Jan 22Girls on FilmShowtime's L Word is an intriguing lesbian soap opera
2003, Dec 18Welcome BackThe Ellen DeGeneres Show
2003, Dec 04Soaring AngelsAngels in America on HBO
2003, Nov 13Skinned AliveFOX cancels Skin after three episodes
2003, Oct 23One Minute Too MuchA Minute with Stan Hooper on Fox
2003, Oct 16Star StruckUnder the Pink Carpet on PBS
2003, Sep 25All Good It's All Relative on ABC
2003, Sep 18Northern ExposureCoupling on NBC, Two and a Half Men on CBS
2003, Sep 18Eyes on the PrizeHBO is favorite for 55th Annual Emmy Awards
2003, Sep 04Dorm StrifeFreshman Diaries on Showtime
2003, Aug 21Watch and WearWhat Not to Wear on TLC
2003, Aug 07Gay DreamingThe AMC Project: Gay Hollywood
2003, Jul 31Unconditionally AwfulUnconditional Love on Starz!
2003, Jul 24Trickery'Boy Meets Boy' on Bravo!
2003, Jul 17Whined and DinedThe Restaurant on NBC
2003, Jul 10Eye OpenerQueer Eye on Bravo
2003, Jun 19Sex Hits SixSex and the City's 6th and final season
2003, Jun 05Living InharmoniousP.O.V.: Flag Wars
2003, May 22A Soldier's StorySoldier's Girl
2003, May 08Up the CreekDawson's Creek Finale
2002, Aug 29Pomp and CircumstanceGay Weddings on Bravo

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