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2014, Apr 17A Thought for Food & FriendsA relationship can give you a new family, whether bound by blood or benevolence
2014, Apr 07The ''Sore Winners'' FallacyThose who call gay people intolerant for defending ourselves are twisting the concept beyond recognition
2014, Apr 03Twin BirthdaysApril 4 should be a date that lives in humanity's aspirations
2014, Mar 27The Universe in UsWe are surrounded by social and physical frontiers we can explore, or not
2014, Mar 20RIP, Fred PhelpsYour Legacy Is Not What You May Think
2014, Mar 20Washington as the Globe's Gay CapitalIf the world has an LGBT capital, there's plenty of argument to be made for D.C.
2014, Mar 13The Right To Be WrongSeparation of church and state works both ways
2014, Mar 13A Wish for UkraineAs tensions simmer in Crimea, one gay activist calls for calm -- and human-rights monitors
2014, Mar 06Finding Hope in UgandaGay American shares his perspective on the homeland he fled
2014, Feb 27Twice as GoodAmerica is at a cultural, social crossroads demanding a re-examination of privilege
2014, Feb 25Taking the CakeArizona's archaic attempt to enshrine discrimination against gays is the last-gasp measure of a secessionist mindset
2014, Feb 20From Feral to ForeverThe experience of fostering offers its own special insights
2014, Feb 20Mixed MessagesEven as it gets better for gay couples in Virginia, it pays to remember that change still comes slowly
2014, Feb 13War DispatchesLGBT pundits and protesters holding their own in a fight on many fronts
2014, Feb 11Game ChangerEven if you don't like football, Michael Sam's coming-out challenge to the NFL is a defining moment in sports
2014, Feb 06All in the FamilySo many people are eager to take sides in a Woody Allen v. Mia Farrow battle even as the truth remains unknowable
2014, Jan 30Masque of the Red DeathCounterstriking the plague of intolerance that roams beyond the borders includes action at home
2014, Jan 28Comfortably NumbAs gay-rights victories continue to pile up, we sometimes forget that discrimination and hate are far from over
2014, Jan 23Outdated OffenseMAL offers an obnoxious reminder that some still think it okay to police others' play and appearance
2014, Jan 16MisdirectionTrickery may color ''truth,'' but facts are facts
2014, Jan 14My Old Virginia HomeCuccinelli flips a final bird to gays as McAuliffe takes the first steps at stemming the anti-gay front in Richmond
2014, Jan 09Big BuzzIt's almost a fad to admit to smoking marijuana; too bad honesty had to come so late
2014, Jan 09Hello, 2014From Sochi to Schock, here's a flippant attempt at reading the year's tea leaves
2014, Jan 02Finding a Lost SonPhilomena reminds viewers of the closet, Catholic shortcomings and grace
2013, Dec 30Duck AmuckDecember reminded us that for LGBT news, 2013 wasn't over till it was over
2013, Dec 19Rationing Religious FreedomUpholding the First Amendment means calling out those who would abuse it
2013, Dec 17The Hope for the PopeNaming Pope Francis as Person of the Year for LGBT people, The Advocate mistakes hope for reality
2013, Dec 12Book 'EmWhat's on my nightstand isn't very exciting or sexy - unless it's written between the covers
2013, Dec 12Holiday Wish ListClosing out 2013 with some social-justice sentiments
2013, Dec 05Francis the EvangelistWhile papal welcome words are nice, they still go only so far
2013, Dec 03Funny BusinessOnce upon a time, the most powerful people in the world thought dying gay men worthy of laughter
2013, Nov 30The Intimate Act of DisclosureA World AIDS Day wish for countering HIV stigma with earnest empathy
2013, Nov 27Stand Up, Write BackOne activist's invitation for others to join her in AI's campaign for Belarus's Human Rights Center Lambda
2013, Nov 21Holiday Blue NotesSeason's greetings fit for Baldwin and Buchanan
2013, Nov 19Mary Cheney Gets ContraryBut why shed a tear for her when she never cared to shed any for you?
2013, Nov 14Listening and LearningLaws give us rights, but our stories make us human
2013, Nov 07It's the ENDA the World (as We Know It)A lack of divine wrath over marriage won't stop hate mongers, they'll just focus their hate on trans people
2013, Nov 07A Pox on PurityAbsolutes and perfection are extremes best suited to fantasy
2013, Oct 31Asian, Party of OneLike it does with gays, TV too often makes Asians fashion-accessory friends rather than actual characters
2013, Oct 24The Ruling ClasslessThe more one looks at the asshole antics of Ted Cruz, the more appalled one gets
2013, Oct 24A Moon for MisruleLegislative lunacy leaves Capitol Hill a surreal mess
2013, Oct 16Phallocentric FallacyTransmen, in particular, are in a unique position to advance civilization
2013, Oct 10Garrison Gibbons Rises Above HateUniversity of Mississippi theater student shares experience of being heckled during performance of ''The Laramie Project''
2013, Oct 10Government, CheesedFor congressional Republicans, shame isn't enough -- they really want to make poor people suffer
2013, Oct 07Buffoonery on the BrinkIn this so-called ''David v. Goliath,'' David's last name is Koch
2013, Oct 02Letter from BelgradeGay Serbian recounts Saturday's third annual LGBT Pride cancelation, and the activists and allies who pushed back
2013, Oct 01The Biggest LosersRepublicans could learn something from gay politics, but are too divorced from reality to do so
2013, Sep 26From Test to Total HealthNational Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a perfect time to prepare for the coming health care changes
2013, Sep 26Is the Pope Catholic?Pope Francis appears to turn Vatican tide
2013, Sep 24Ready? Set! No.No matter how much some people love Hillary Clinton, it is far too early to be focusing on 2016
2013, Sep 19Change Is GoodTaking time to emphasize the positive doesn't mean turning a blind eye to the world's woes
2013, Sep 17Comfortably NumbThe Navy Yard shooting rampage will make us angry, but we know that anger doesn't bring change on gun violence
2013, Sep 12Three Steps to the FutureFrom Hawaii to James Franco to Tom Daley to hate crimes, gay equality is facing a different world
2013, Sep 09Debasing the Peace PrizeHistory teaches us to mistrust assurances of avoiding quagmires
2013, Aug 29Fuzzy Little BallsOpenly gay athletes like Robbie Rogers and Jason Collins make a difference in the lives of young LGBT people
2013, Aug 29Sniping on the MountTaking stock of the March on Washington anniversary highs and lows
2013, Aug 22Why So Serious?Political idealism is a great principle but when faced with Ken Cuccinelli vs. Terry McAuliffe, realism takes precedence
2013, Aug 22Celebrating Bayard RustinComing together to honor the architect of the 1963 March on Washington
2013, Aug 15No Pain, No GainDon't expect gay Olympic athletes to save LGBT Russians from a government that knows no shame
2013, Aug 15Veiled HostilitiesWe can respect religious diversity while disagreeing with particular practices
2013, Aug 08Russophile No MoreVladimir Putin, we're breaking up
2013, Aug 07Russian to JudgmentThere are ways for us to combat Russia's evil anti-gay campaign of terror, including some that start in our own backyard
2013, Aug 01Vodka Is No Tonic for RussiaThe violence and homophobia terrorizing LGBT Russians demands more response than switching cocktails
2013, Aug 01Stolen RepublicThere is no guarantee of equality momentum
2013, Jul 25Crossing Color LinesIn the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin trial, there's a certain group of white people who could use an infusion of empathy
2013, Jul 25Evolving IdentityAs the future arrives, community may become more choice than necessity
2013, Jul 15Seeing TrayvonOvercoming the blindness of prejudice requires reaching across our contentious diversity
2013, Jul 15Everyday RacismIn the aftermath of Trayvon Martin's death and George Zimmerman's trial, we need to see racism for what it really is
2013, Jul 11Card's GameOrson Scott Card pleads for ''tolerance'' of his anti-gay views, but what he really wants is your money
2013, Jul 11Protecting Our Pink PlanetRussia's latest is another call for greater global activism
2013, Jul 03Uneasy AlliancesInfighting may be easier, but we need each other to move forward
2013, Jul 02Good Times, Bad TimesWith the implosion of OutServe-SLDN, it may be time to ask if the LGBT movement is ready to handle victory
2013, Jul 01Beyond DOMA and Prop. 8The Supreme Court gave the LGBT community some good news, but there are still challenges we must meet
2013, Jun 27DOMA Goes DownIt's impossible not to feel some joy as the Supreme Court strikes down a bigoted law, but we can still keep our eyes on the battle for full equality
2013, Jun 27My Dreams MatterGay activist pins his hope for a family reunion on immigration reform
2013, Jun 20Obama's Tiresome Rhetorical TrickThe president tells LGBT people not to be patient, then chooses the least likely to succeed strategy on ENDA
2013, Jun 20Turning Point ReachedWe are winning faster than most of us thought possible
2013, Jun 20Diversity and UnityLHP board member invites all to celebrate DC Latino Pride year-round
2013, Jun 13Family AffairsHaving my nieces with me in the Pride parade taught them about the gay community -- and me about family
2013, Jun 13Statutory Sunshine StateKaitlyn Hunt's case hits close to home
2013, Jun 06Mixing Up the MessageThe GetEqual heckling of Michelle Obama was the wrong play on the right issue
2013, Jun 06Work Ahead for MarriageIllinois is not a defeat, but a wake-up call
2013, May 30Backlash to the FutureOutbursts of anti-gay violence over marriage in France remind us that hatred has a long half-life
2013, May 30Beyond the BorderAs we push for equality at home, others need our help abroad
2013, May 23Black Pride ReckoningAnnual event compels us to demand justice
2013, May 23The Crazy Uncle PartyFrom E.W. Jackson to Peggy Noonan, right's gone off the rails
2013, May 16How To Be GayIn which Bret Easton Ellis is totally correct to defend his right to be such a prick
2013, May 16The Search Must ContinueHalted HIV-vaccine trial may be a setback, but it's not a defeat
2013, May 09Creating SpaceThe Next Generation Awards honor and encourage young LGBT leaders, but we all have a role to play
2013, May 09A Star Is BornHe may not be the first, but Jason Collins is a pioneer just the same
2013, May 02Annuals of SpringSpring is the time to celebrate some significant LGBT anniversaries, both at home and at Metro Weekly
2013, May 02Accidental ActivismHow I found myself on the steps of the Supreme Court
2013, Apr 25Good Times for Bad BoysA trip down a wild and wonderful memory lane as we get set to celebrate the Tracks reunion
2013, Apr 25Preventing a MobWe must defend liberty and equality from fear and intolerance
2013, Apr 18Asian-American Voices for ImmigrationUplifting All Voices offers a chance for all communities to speak loudly as immigration-reform allies
2013, Apr 18Immigration Reform, Marriage and Gay RightsWhen we look at LGBT issues and immigration, we have to expand our focus beyond marriage equality
2013, Apr 18Rallying for Referendum 8Congress has shown that D.C. must pass D.C. budget autonomy
2013, Apr 16Apology Politics and Anita BondsD.C. Councilmember should not be criticized for comment, but instead credited for tact
2013, Apr 11Cuccinelli: The Second Coming of SantorumAs ''the Cooch'' keeps up his attack on LGBT people, don't forget he has a real shot at becoming Virginia's next governor
2013, Apr 11Blowing Up the CoalitionOnline-hits jobs undermining marriage equality risk social-justice schism
2013, Apr 04Their Bodies, Their SelvesWhen it comes to women, some gay men need to adopt a hands-off policy
2013, Apr 04Steeple ChasingMore gay faithful may test our community's traditional values
2013, Mar 28Rearguard ActionsAs Supreme Court considers Prop. 8 and DOMA, gays and lesbians finally know how it feels to be winning on marriage
2013, Mar 25Days of Miracle and WonderAs the Family Research Council leans on its Bible, it should consider a more thoughtful reading
2013, Mar 21Thank You, Sen. PortmanOhio military spouse sees senator's turn on gay marriage bringing his own dreams closer
2013, Mar 21The Politics of PainWhen Portman changed his mind for his son, it showed how our coming-out experiences can influence our response to change
2013, Mar 21Seeing the LightThe new pope can open his eyes or continue the lighter side of social justice
2013, Mar 14Keeping Games Out of Will & Grace-landVideo games don't need to follow an outdated sitcom model to tell LGBT stories when there are better places to draw inspiration
2013, Mar 14Forgiving Bill ClintonFormer president's DOMA turn gets mixed reaction – welcome to politics
2013, Mar 07Of Meteorites and MarriageConsidering humanity's possible calamities, marriage-equality shouldn't make anyone's list
2013, Mar 06The Naked TruthThe controversy over Spa World and LGBT customers is an opportunity to make a statement about discrimination in Virginia
2013, Feb 28Picking and ChoosingWhen ''LGBT issues'' includes hundreds of topics, how do we as journalists and activists focus our attention?
2013, Feb 25Solicitor General Files Fair-minded DOMA BriefWhatever comes next, Verrilli has shown himself to be an advocate for equality
2013, Feb 21Bully for YouThe religious right's campaign to cast themselves as victims ignores the kids who actually get bullied – both LGBT and Christian
2013, Feb 21Fundraising on FearRallying the faithful against gays distorts Christianity, but fills the coffers
2013, Feb 14Obey Your ThirstMarco Rubio's badly timed parch was just another distraction in the ongoing circus on Capitol Hill
2013, Feb 14Valentine's Wishes for Musto and MoreThough ''black hearts'' go to the pope, Matt Moore and Chris Brown
2013, Feb 07The Petty and the VileFrom Westboro Baptist Church to Sen. John McCain, LGBT people are unfortunately accustomed to vile political attacks
2013, Feb 07Super Bowl Swine and Moving the BallWe need to keep advancing, but there will never be a finish line
2013, Jan 31John McCain's Bitter BattleOn immigration reform, the self-regarding Arizona senator once again picks a fight over equality for LGBT people
2013, Jan 31Obama's Invitation to ActivismInauguration speech was moving, meaningful and a call to duty
2013, Jan 24Obama and the Future PresentWhile the president made LGBT history in his inauguration speech, the future of equality was watching from the crowd
2013, Jan 24Clear Harvey Milk Airport for TakeoffSan Francisco Supervisor David Campos's push to rename the city's airport is a fitting honor for slain gay icon
2013, Jan 17Giglio Illustrates AdvanceWith the anti-gay reverend out of the inauguration lineup, the LGBT community should appreciate the practical progress
2013, Jan 16The Uncivil War over Jodie FosterWe all need to talk about what ''coming out'' means in 2013, but first we have to stop the vituperative attacks on each other
2013, Jan 10Haggling over Chuck HagelFor our LGBT community to move forward on equality, we need to be more open to apologies and less concerned with re-fighting the 1990s
2013, Jan 10Commitment to a CureHIV/AIDS legislation allowed to die in the last Congress must be revived for the 113th
2013, Jan 03A Wish for 2013The time is now for Obama to sign an executive order on employment discrimination, and for our community to embrace the T in LGBT
2013, Jan 03Courtside for MarriageA SCOTUS ruling could help or hinder in 2013
2012, Dec 27Anonymous AttacksBattling the kooks from Kansas with illegal hacks feels good, but we know better
2012, Dec 26A Mixed BagDespite some big national LGBT victories, there were plenty of reasons to want 2012 to make way for 2013
2012, Dec 21Stein Club Point/Counterpoint: Jeri HughesThe challenging slate of new members aren't bad people, but they damaged reputations and Stein's credibility
2012, Dec 21Stein Club Point/Counterpoint: Earl Fowlkes Jr.In a contentious election between committed activists, ''carpetbagging'' language was an offense to young activists of color
2012, Dec 20Sane Choices Start at HomeIn the aftermath of Newtown, we can't back off efforts to bring sanity to our gun safety and control laws
2012, Dec 17Deadly RomanceAmerica's relationship with guns holds the nation hostage
2012, Dec 13Congratulations, CoverboysCoverboy Confidential is a Metro Weekly institution, and more than meets the eye
2012, Dec 06Cities of RefugeIn a smaller world, LGBT asylum becomes a local issue
2012, Dec 05The Waiting GameWith the history of equal rights moving quickly forward, it's harder to be patient while the world catches up
2012, Nov 29The Naked TruthFrom talking ''birds and bees'' to opposing nude dudes hanging out in public, my life keeps getting more conformist
2012, Nov 22Family at CliffsideA divided 2012 America can take some lessons from Lincoln
2012, Nov 15Days Go ByA gay plotline on ''Days of Our Lives'' may not be the most groundbreaking moment, but it's still part of a longer path to equality
2012, Nov 15Welcome to MissibamaIf Election Day was that bad, secede indeed
2012, Nov 08What a Night to be GayRe-electing Obama, winning four marriage equality votes, and sending record numbers of gays to Capitol Hill is the watershed moment for LGBT rights
2012, Nov 07Still Facing WolvesMoving forward, predators will continue to prey on sheep
2012, Nov 05Last Pitch EffortA letter to my red-state family members asking that they think twice before casting their vote for Mitt Romney
2012, Nov 01Keeping Them CloseWhile re-electing Obama is a vital goal for the LGBT community, we can't disengage from family, friends and neighbors who support Romney
2012, Nov 01Values VoterLessening government intrusion on gays is conservatism done right
2012, Oct 25Shape-Shifting and DistractionsThe middle class and gay Americans have much at risk Nov. 6
2012, Oct 24Signs of the TimesLog Cabin's reason for supporting Mitt Romney, a candidate who pledged to carry NOM's anti-gay torch? ''Trust him, he's lying!''
2012, Oct 18So Long, SihanoukCambodia's king was many things, including an early advocate of marriage equality
2012, Oct 17Obama and Romney Get Passes on LGBT QuestionsDespite the ongoing battles over marriage equality and the president's stated support, that and other LGBT issues have been nonexistent at the debates
2012, Oct 11Fields of DreamsThe You Can Play project reminds us that for gays playing sports, it doesn't matter what you play, what matters is that you can play
2012, Oct 11Smirking and Magical ThinkingThere is too much at stake to entertain absolutes or allow lies to go unchallenged
2012, Oct 03Hateful TimesWhether it's Tucker Carlson race-bating on Fox News or progressives decrying tax dollars for prisoner care, there's a hint of hate in the air
2012, Sep 27''But What's Obama Done for Me Lately?''Choosing not to vote on Nov. 6, especially when there are thousands who can't cast a vote of their own, is a selfish and small act
2012, Sep 27Resisting the Rage TradeAt home and abroad, extremists threaten the global good
2012, Sep 20One Year Later, DADT Repeal ResonatesAfter years of writing about servicemembers ensnared by DADT, it's an honor to tell the stories of open, active-duty military
2012, Sep 20Line in the SandTunisia gets a timely lesson in banishing bullies
2012, Sep 13Hack at Thee, Partisan!With the convention carnival ended, it's full-steam to Election Day
2012, Sep 12Romney and Ryan: How Low Can They Go?It's not just LGBT issues that should have you voting against the Republican ticket, it's their chronic inability to tell the truth
2012, Sep 06Party TimeGOP needs to accept the present if it's going to be a party for the future
2012, Sep 05Michelle Obama and the Democrats Go All-InThe prominence of marriage equality in the Democratic platform and on the convention stage is a remarkable moment in LGBT history
2012, Aug 30Lessons in DisciplineGood political strategy recognizes well-placed restraint
2012, Aug 29The Oddly Un-American Republican ConventionAn obsession with Randian individualism has turned the GOP into a fantasyland of faux Jeremiah Johnsons and John Galts
2012, Aug 22Dana Milbank Mainstreams HateThe Washington Post columnist's inside-the-Beltway support for the Family Research Council makes bigotry a value of the political class
2012, Aug 16Let's Take a Break from Chick-fil-APutting our focus on anti-gay chicken sandwiches takes our eyes off the prize: keeping an LGBT-supportive White House
2012, Aug 16Paul Ryan's ParasitesBetween his Catholicism and disavowal of Objectivism, Ryan occupies a right-wing middle ground
2012, Aug 09Queer the SmearNo matter how much we watch our own words, some hateful things keep hanging around our language and our children
2012, Aug 09Hater, Heal ThyselfAt some point, that fault you find in others is your own
2012, Aug 02Playing ChickenWe may prefer not to have a side of politics with our fast food, but Chick-fil-A doesn't leave us a choice
2012, Aug 02Cops vs. CondomsHealth policies and police need to work together if they want to work best
2012, Jul 26Caution and OptimismAIDS 2012 highlights challenges, but also successes to guide us forward
2012, Jul 26Pro HomoSally Ride's posthumous coming out raises questions about where the closet begins and ends
2012, Jul 19True TalkApproval of Truvada to prevent HIV infections is an opportunity for gay men to consider the role condoms play in our lives
2012, Jul 19International FlightsAs a pandemic evolves, we come together, each making a mark on history
2012, Jul 12Pretty Pretty Bang BangWhile showing our nephew what it's like to live in rural America, we're skipping the part about the guns
2012, Jul 12What's in a Name?The ''MSM'' label negates community, the very key to our health
2012, Jul 05The GOP's Grand SeizureTea party tempests and Republican intransigence vs. ACA ruling
2012, Jul 03Life in CoopersvilleBy confirming what we knew but didn't know, Anderson Cooper finally frees us from the endless ''Is he or isn't he?''
2012, Jun 28Don't Stop BelievingIt took some years, but the songs that helped save my life as a gay teen reawakened my love for music as an adult
2012, Jun 28Stonewall BabyA birthday reflection on fighting back
2012, Jun 21Home GameNight Out at the Nationals is an event that shows the city how diverse our LGBT community truly is
2012, Jun 21A Child Shall LeadHold the sniping snark and make way for Kameron Slade
2012, Jun 14Faith in FamilyGod bless the mother-in-law who tempers her Catholic devotion
2012, Jun 13Buns AwayA cheeky display in the Pride Parade turns out more awkward for an uncle than for his nephew
2012, Jun 07Reasons for the SeasonPride weekend is a time for us to celebrate what we're proud of in ourselves, as well as in the families and friends who make our lives better
2012, Jun 07The Zombies of SummerInstead of those hazy, lazy days, get ready for a season of screams
2012, May 31God Only KnowsAs a longtime person of little faith, it's a small cosmic irony to find myself married to a husband who's decidedly devout
2012, May 24Launching PrideThe kick-off to the pride season, DC Black Pride weekend is a community celebration we all should join
2012, May 24NAACP Gets to YesAn ally's announcement is ample reason for celebration
2012, May 16The Rot on the RightVirginia's morally repugnant repudiation of a gay judicial nominee is the latest evidence that no Republican deserves gay support
2012, May 10Scenes from North CarolinaDespite the outburst of bigotry, it's difficult to reflexively hate the Southern state that just took a big step backward
2012, May 10Servants of MisruleTaking issue with Richard Grenell's mea culpa and grand old gaiety
2012, May 03Generation NowCelebrating an anniversary for Metro Weekly is made sweeter by also celebrating the accomplishments of our next generation of leaders
2012, Apr 26Backward GlancesSeeing gay politics through the prism of the 1990s continues to promote an overly cautious approach to LGBT issues
2012, Apr 26Sister CourageRegardless of faith, advocates of social justice have reason to applaud LCWR
2012, Apr 19Stick in the EyeLGBT people understand political pragmatism, but not why Obama has dumped us on employment discrimination
2012, Apr 19Marriage MattersCelebrating gay weddings can teach us important things about our own lives
2012, Apr 12Society's Integrated StepsAn iconic anniversary prompts a look at what has changed and what has not
2012, Apr 11Privilege MattersTrivializing gay support for the family of Trayvon Martin as ''bandwagon posturing'' is insulting to LGBT people of all races
2012, Apr 04Say What We MeanSeeking to be inclusive by using ''LGBT'' rather than ''gay'' can sometimes exclude the reality of transgender issues
2012, Apr 04Our Little GirlComing out as parents of a transgender child was our way to spread a message of love and support to other families
2012, Apr 04When in RomeAway from home, your mores take a backseat to local law
2012, Mar 29Three CheersAwards for two Metro Weekly editors fill me with pride for the magazine and dedicated staff who make it all possible
2012, Mar 29If I Had a SonStep out of your comfort zone and stand up for Trayvon Martin
2012, Mar 22Watch and LearnThe far-right rush to trample the relationship between women and doctors has big implications for the gay community
2012, Mar 15Ballot-Box SolidarityYou may not be a woman, but you should vote as though you are
2012, Mar 14Southern LivingThe South often thinks itself misunderstood, but the problem is we understand it all too well
2012, Mar 08So SorryFrom Rush Limbaugh to Kirk Cameron to NOM, anti-gay proselytizers have trouble understanding that free speech goes both ways
2012, Mar 08Reaching Out to the ChurchIn light of recent controversies, Dignity/Washington believes it's time for a serious discussion of pastoral care for LGBT Catholics
2012, Mar 01Higher DreadNot content to grouse about gays, Santorum expands the culture wars to include highfalutin college educations
2012, Mar 01Capehart vs. ChristiePersuasive poise should trump bombastic bullying
2012, Feb 23Rocky Reckoning''The Rocky Horror Picture Show'' is not just a movie, but a wonderful beacon
2012, Feb 23Reflections on Black History MonthFebruary has been tumultuous for black LGBT people, showing the need for solutions to violence and homophobia
2012, Feb 22Too High a PriceLess than two months after taking control in Richmond, Virginia Republicans have launched outrageous and dangerous attacks on women and gays
2012, Feb 16Violent Words, Violent ActsWhen LGBT people are targeted for attack, be careful what you say -- or tweet
2012, Feb 15Hanky PankyRepublican efforts to block birth control because of ''moral'' objections have some severe implications for LGBT people as well
2012, Feb 09Chuckles for the WinWatching Santorum ''rickroll'' Romney on Tuesday night had lots of LGBT people dancing the schadenfreude shuffle
2012, Feb 09Partners on the JourneyA life's allies can be more than family and friends
2012, Feb 02Solitary ConfinementAs a child, I learned that being gay meant being alone; as a gay man, my community has taught me a better lesson
2012, Feb 02Dissing the PresidentGov. Brewer's finger-wagging performance is the latest sideshow in the anti-Obama circus
2012, Jan 26Court TimeThe GOP campaign offers a frustrating experience when it comes to gay issues, but some more sporting inspiration is found Down Under
2012, Jan 25DCTC's Chief ProblemOrganizers of the trans coalition find fault with Lanier's handling of anti-trans violence
2012, Jan 19Foolish Thing DesireFor gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else
2012, Jan 19Minister at MidnightResponding to Anthony Evans's anti-gay attack on marriage
2012, Jan 12Friendly FireDon't mistake comments on imaginary gay sons and friends for a softening of Rick Santorum's anti-gay bigotry
2012, Jan 12Leather in the LeadWhatever your conventions, you have kinship with the kinky crowd
2012, Jan 05Raucous CaucusIowa starts off 2012 with a surprising surge of Santorum, making January an interesting start to the year
2012, Jan 05Times Square TantrumsArtistic liberty pulls Green and his critics into Twitterverse tumult
2012, Jan 05Just GoneA newspaper's demise is a reminder of the power of community
2011, Dec 29Days Gone ByThe 2012 elections are too important for the LGBT community to indulge in fantasies about administrations that never were
2011, Dec 22Tree ToppingAfter six years of searching, we found a solution that meant far more than the Christmas problem it solved
2011, Dec 22Amen, HitchLove him or hate him, Christopher Hitchens did his part to promote free thought
2011, Dec 15Past ImperfectAlmost exactly 24 years later, a painful experience from the past can feel just as hurtful when remembered in the present
2011, Dec 15Xmas ColumnChristmas is nice, but holidays are better
2011, Dec 08Red and CircusesThe farcical Republican presidential campaigns shouldn't distract from the serious drama coming in next year's election
2011, Dec 08Very Much AliveThose cheering Rep. Frank's departure may be in for a surprise
2011, Dec 01To Be FrankA political survivor, a long-standing role model for coming out and wielder of a caustic wit, Barney Frank will be missed
2011, Dec 01D.C. in the RedOur left-leaning capital is making some right turns
2011, Nov 24That GuyCatching Fox News on a public TV screen can create an irresistible urge to reach for the off button
2011, Nov 24Golden HourDespite friction and a farewell, there are many reasons to give thanks
2011, Nov 17Are We There Yet?Intermittent victories and political posturing leave LGBT people wondering why we can't ''get it done, already''
2011, Nov 10Pulling the LeverEbbin's election to the Virginia Senate is a great step, but there's a lot of road left to travel
2011, Nov 10Kramer vs. EveryoneLarry Kramer's angry outlook belittles the efforts of so many
2011, Nov 03Look Back in AngerLarry Kramer is right that anger is necessary in the face of inequality, but anger can't be the only thing that guides our lives
2011, Nov 03Billions of BabiesAs we cross the 7 billion mark, learn from gay parents
2011, Oct 27Out With ItAnother celebrity coming out of the closet, another reminder that our personal stories are our greatest resource
2011, Oct 27Kameny in CombatArmed with logic, wit and courage, Frank Kameny carried the day
2011, Oct 20Golden YearsAs time passes and our community ages, we need to focus on providing for the LGBT elderly
2011, Oct 20Students FirstWith their responsibility to educate, teachers' dogmas should be kept on short leashes
2011, Oct 13The Right's Food FightValues Voter Summit illustrated the rifts within the socially conservative bloc
2011, Oct 13Frank Kameny WinsLegendary activist leaves behind a world that's not perfect, but better for us all because of his accomplishments
2011, Oct 06Shared HistoryAfter 25 years on 17th Street, JR.'s is an institution for both the neighborhood and the gay community
2011, Sep 29Memory LanesIt's clichéd but true that understanding the past is the most important tool for reaching the future
2011, Sep 29Right's Populist FakeryCampaign season demands pulling back the curtain on spurious talking points
2011, Sep 22A Mission AccomplishedThe long-awaited end of DADT is a moment for celebration, as well as contemplation of where the LGBT community goes next
2011, Sep 22Ya Got TroubleAt a crossroads, one road could take America to River City
2011, Sep 15Party DownThe extreme candidate rhetoric and ''let them die'' audiences have made the Republican debates exciting in all the wrong ways
2011, Sep 08No Perfect UnionAs Americans, we can't be a perfectly harmonious society because we have lots of inharmonious ideas
2011, Sep 01From the Glass ClosetOur tendency to focus on those people who can't quite come out undercuts the accomplishments of those who are out
2011, Sep 01Man of WordsKing's language brought out the best in Americans
2011, Aug 25Deserve AmericanReducing citizenship to where you're born diminishes what it means to be an American for everyone
2011, Aug 25Due DateSlavery will always be a scar, but debts should be paid
2011, Aug 18Living MemoryWhile the world may be getting more gay-friendly, there are plenty of politicians working to turn back the clock
2011, Aug 18Confronting Biased PolicingCommunity-MPD partnerships offer hope for a better D.C.
2011, Aug 18Chancellor's ChallengeDCPS invites all residents to get involved for safer schools
2011, Aug 11It's All RelativeFamily love is complicated, messy and sometimes painful – but always worth keeping if you have it
2011, Aug 11Mortal MattersPleading with God to fix what ails America insults both democracy and the divine
2011, Aug 04The Big GameBeing a gamer has been an adventure, even more so now that gay gaming has grown
2011, Aug 04Snark on a Sinking ShipAmid the debt debate, the tea party its and gay allies are more insults than sound ideas
2011, Jul 28Building TrustThe murder of Lashai Mclean highlights the best in our LGBT community – and what's lacking
2011, Jul 28Walking the WalkWhatever you think of yourself, someone else thinks you're a slut
2011, Jul 28We're Here, We're Queer. Really.''Queer'' may be fraught with history, but it points to a fundamental truth of our LGBT lives
2011, Jul 21Enemy of the GoodThe tendency to view government as just a collection of villains is a corrosive aspect of American politics
2011, Jul 21Quacks and BusybodiesFrom Bachmann to Kass, the interest in altering orientation is suspect
2011, Jul 14Season of DiscontentThere are debates to be had about the pace of progress, but it's impossible to deny that LGBT progress is being made
2011, Jul 07Last DanceThe shuttering of Apex is the closing of another door on the past of Washington's gay nightlife
2011, Jul 07DOJ's Big StepIn Golinski, the country got a befitting birthday gift
2011, Jun 29Closet SpaceJose Antonio Vargas's coming out as ''undocumented'' spurs media critics to confuse the closet for a con
2011, Jun 29It's a Smaller WorldBringing homo-hating, anti-Semitic Saudis into an airline alliance is no cause for alarm
2011, Jun 23All That GlittersThe recent spate of ''glitter bombing'' is a merry prank, but not really an effective long-term tactic
2011, Jun 23Dolan's Last DitchIn battle over marriage and gays, New York archbishop exposes his own waning influence
2011, Jun 23Change in the Old DominionAdam Ebbin's campaign to join the state Senate could be a new breakthrough for Virginia
2011, Jun 16Notes on PrideAfter all that work comes the affirmation
2011, Jun 16Label for OnePride is a time to celebrate gay-given individuality
2011, Jun 16The Path to PrideWhether you're on your first Pride or your 100th, your talent and ideas are needed for the future
2011, Jun 09Community SpiritsIn the stadium and on the streets, this gayest of months in D.C. is a time for our community to shine with Pride
2011, Jun 09Tales of SurvivalDisease, Death and Discrimination have forged a community that has turned sadness into strength
2011, Jun 09History of PrideBayard Rustin's historic lifelong campaign to end workplace discrimination has lessons for us today in the struggle for ENDA
2011, Jun 09To Remember and RenewPreserving the stories of those who lives were touched by HIV/AIDS can help regain urgency on the epidemic
2011, Jun 02News JudgmentChanging technology and changing attitudes have helped transform the media closet into an open field for gay journalists
2011, Jun 02Global GrassrootsThere is so much more we can do to support our LGBT peers in oppressive countries
2011, May 26The Years Go ByWhen it comes to activism and passion about AIDS, be prepared to find them in unexpected places
2011, May 26Black and WhiteObama detractors, right and left, use race in ways both subtle and overt
2011, May 26Life at the IntersectionsIt's important to share our own stories and identities as we work toward social and economic justice
2011, May 19Sporting ChancesThe flurry of news about gays and pro sports may be a sign that things are finally changing for the better
2011, May 19Taking StockGetting in bed with shareholder activism is a path to corporate change
2011, May 12Generation NextHonoring the achievements of young LGBT people isn't just about awards, it's about investing in our future
2011, May 12Day of the DevilThoughtful engagement is the best course for countering bellicose brouhaha
2011, May 12An Anniversary of EqualityCelebrating three decades of service with AGLA
2011, May 05Living MemoriesThe passage of time hasn't dulled the pain of 9/11 for those who remember the day
2011, Apr 28Alliance of FightersWhen the oppressed band together with vision, they make a mighty opposition
2011, Apr 28Seasonal ChangeReflecting on 17 years of Metro Weekly highlights how much our LGBT community has changed and what remains to be done
2011, Apr 28A Perfect StormThe horrifying attack on Chrissy Polis may be the moment when the call for equality is heard
2011, Apr 21Majority RulesNOM's bigoted accusations of bias are unsurprising, but still uniquely odious
2011, Apr 21A Presidential DutyAs the fight for gay immigration equality shifts, the White House has the power to stop deportations now
2011, Apr 14Gaming the SystemHow do you measure the growth and maturity of the video game industry? Gay elf boyfriends
2011, Apr 14We're in BusinessCAGLCC event underscores the scope of LGBT contributions
2011, Apr 07Don't StopDespite the declaration ''This is done,'' the military still lives under the law of ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
2011, Apr 07Warm WelcomeWith marriage equality still often unrecognized, a small sentiment goes a long way
2011, Mar 31Hope Roller CoasterThe good news/bad news routine on immigration is a cruel April Fools' joke on gay and lesbian couples
2011, Mar 31One for the GoddessElizabeth Taylor turned celebrity activism into true leadership
2011, Mar 31Facing the FactsThe new IOM report on LGBT healthcare gives us the long-needed data to fight for our community's health
2011, Mar 31A Game Plan for ENDATransgender inclusive Senate hearings would build a pathway to future success
2011, Mar 23Making Things BetterBy taking a stand during dark times, Elizabeth Taylor made life better for a gay community under fire
2011, Mar 16We Go OnWhen the unimaginable becomes reality, we must look to ourselves to keep moving forward
2011, Mar 16Radical DivisionsStigmatizing American Muslims does little more than sow discord
2011, Mar 10Living by ExampleAs marriage becomes a real part of gay lives, we should remember to live our lives for ourselves
2011, Mar 10Imperfect UnionAs we win political victories, LGBT collective values become harder to pin down
2011, Mar 03Freedom To HateWestboro Baptist Church may have won at the Supreme Court, but it's no moral victory
2011, Mar 03Gay Panic FadingCivil rights advance and LGBT becomes routine, though holdouts remain
2011, Feb 24The Big Small ScreenFrom childhood to adulthood, movies have provided a window into other lives and other worlds
2011, Feb 17Gay New WorldFrom Cairo to conservatives, the future is unfolding
2011, Feb 17GOProud's CPAC SplashWith friends like these, one wonders where LGBT conservatism is heading
2011, Feb 17An Achievement to CelebrateTough decisions and hard work have returned WWC to financial stability
2011, Feb 10Right TurnsThose of us on the left may disdain gay conservatives, but groups like GOProud are making change happen
2011, Feb 03Word PlayIt's never easy explaining to a kid why some words hurt, but you can't avoid the lesson
2011, Feb 03Bravery in BlackEven in mourning, activists inspire the world to rally
2011, Feb 03Working for ChangeEquality Matters aims to create stronger strategies for activists and advocates to achieve LGBT equality
2011, Jan 27Great ExpectationsDespite the lure of big speeches, we have to remember that political victories mean more than achieving a sound bite
2011, Jan 27Choosing ChoiceRoe v. Wade anniversary brings abortion to the fore
2011, Jan 19Across the ThresholdThe legal victory for D.C. marriage equality is a time to celebrate, and look forward to other challenges
2011, Jan 19Grace Under FireProgressives must counter the right wing's loaded language
2011, Jan 13Sticks and StonesOutrageous political speech needs to be countered with words, not laws
2011, Jan 12Passing BlameA disturbed shooter is not a political responsibility
2011, Jan 12The Silent ''T''Leaders need to overcome their fears and represent everyone in the LGBT community
2011, Jan 05Grizzly MadamGays may be worried about Sarah Palin, but it's becoming more apparent that many Americans just don't like her
2011, Jan 05Now the Fun PartBecause nothing is black or white, some pointers on navigating the gray
2010, Dec 29New Year, New GoalsWith 2010 under our belts, it's time to take on the challenges of 2011
2010, Dec 29Strange BedfellowsA high-profile case of incest drags gays into its grip, and everyone's pointing fingers
2010, Dec 23Done DealGetting it done wasn't pretty, but the repeal of DADT calls for a celebration we can savor
2010, Dec 23Banner DayBeyond nuance and spin, something momentous happened Dec. 18
2010, Dec 23Where Bullies Are BornThe bullying language of adults teaches a horrible lesson to both straight and gay teens
2010, Dec 16Holiday BluesThe roller coaster of DADT repeal efforts is dispiriting for a community that's worked hard for success
2010, Dec 16Not Feeling RandyResurgent Objectivism prompts a renewed rejection
2010, Dec 09Matters of HonorDADT repeal isn't just about the military, it's about respect and equality for us all
2010, Dec 09Soft SenateMcCain leads America down the rabbit hole with GOP help
2010, Dec 02Fear NotHomophobic Marines and pat-down jitters run counter to ''home of the brave'' ethos
2010, Dec 01Déjŕ ViewWhen it comes to displays of gay art, things have changed – but a few things remain painfully the same
2010, Nov 25Finding HomeThe holiday traditions of the past can become a celebration of the present
2010, Nov 25Uplifting LineageFrustrations aside, there is comfort in the generational continuity in the fight for equality
2010, Nov 18Stale AirThe past year has shown our government is incapable of dealing rationally with gay lives and issues
2010, Nov 18History RepeatingThe times may change, but human dispositions remain stubbornly static
2010, Nov 10No Time to StopWith time running out for equality, we can't afford to indulge fears of failure on DADT repeal
2010, Nov 10We Fight OnDespite a dim future for gay issues in Congress, we must summon unceasing resolve
2010, Nov 04Slim PickingsLooking for some silver linings in Tuesday's elections turns up just a handful of things to be happy about
2010, Nov 04Emboldened BigotryHomophobia and transphobia thrive in the current political climate
2010, Oct 28Small Town BoyIt may be hard to go home again, but it's getting easier to enjoy the visits
2010, Oct 28Sidelining SpitePunishing Democrats may be a case of cutting off our nose
2010, Oct 21DADT Goes FubarWhat should have been a stellar legislative achievement has collapsed into political failure
2010, Oct 21Halloween's a DragFor some, the season's frights come in wigs and pumps
2010, Oct 13Generation LastWe all bear responsibility to challenge anti-gay attitudes, even from those closest to us
2010, Oct 13Acquiescent AccomplicesCounter bullies with their own methods of moving the middle
2010, Oct 07Getting BetterWe can't forget that life can still be hard for LGBT youth
2010, Oct 07Bully BewareChances are good that today's bullied child will have an opportunity to return the favor tomorrow
2010, Oct 07The White KnightThe myth of sexual racism distracts from real discussions of race in the gay community
2010, Oct 07Stand Against CriminalizationD.C. must rethink impact of policing sex work on marginalized communities
2010, Sep 30A Lasting ImpressionObama's idea of the ''long view'' on DADT repeal puts a potential landmark victory at risk
2010, Sep 30Wonderful WinsFrom Pentagon to parenthood, the community is courting victories
2010, Sep 23Another FailureDADT repeal's failure shows that McCain is ready to lead the charge against gay servicemembers, no matter the facts or cost
2010, Sep 23Go with GodsAs old tensions make way for more religion in the community, godless gays can make peace with pious peers
2010, Sep 23Don't Ask, Just TellSexual racism is at the core of what many gay men believe to be ''preferences''
2010, Sep 23An American DreamOnce a bipartisan bill, the DREAM Act's goal of integrating undocumented youth has become an uphill battle
2010, Sep 20Black and Brown and Discharged All OverNews Analysis: Minorities are disproportionately discharged under DADT. Has avoiding discussion hurt the repeal movement?
2010, Sep 15The Hard RoadAlthough LGBT people should be frustrated with the lack of change, it's important for us all to stay involved
2010, Sep 15Battening the HatchesGay D.C. is relatively well-prepared for a turn in congressional tides
2010, Sep 08The Media MessageWashington is a better place for LGBT journalists thanks to groups such as NLGJA
2010, Sep 08New Know-NothingsWhen idiots shout, keeping quiet won't save the rest of us
2010, Sep 01An Unwelcome AdditionNo political pragmatism can justify welcoming Ken Mehlman with open arms to end the discrimination he helped create
2010, Sep 01Mending MehlmanRedemption may be a more constructive force than scorn in the wake of one man's outing
2010, Aug 26An Unspoken ForceEven as the world has changed, a fear of violence is still a constant in LGBT lives
2010, Aug 26Back-to-School Bias''Sexting'' opens a legal minefield where gays better tread lightly
2010, Aug 19Dueling RalliesNOM's rhetorical grasping at straws shows that equality is closer at hand than may have been expected
2010, Aug 18In the Same BoatGround Zero backlash shows the ease of intolerance
2010, Aug 12Legislatively LackingWithout more out members of Congress, we are absent from many important debates about our lives
2010, Aug 05Spoken WordsMarriage creates families, no matter how NOM tries to stop them
2010, Aug 05Witness to HistoryArgentina's celebration of marriage equality was a moving moment of great change
2010, Aug 05Prick Up Your EnthusiasmClinton 2012 is a political distraction at a time when some solidarity would go a long way
2010, Jul 30Jail StormsHow one blogger, in tandem with GetEQUAL, made the reluctant transition to activist
2010, Jul 29Leaving Hate BehindBeing hated by others fosters hatred in return, but it's important to move beyond
2010, Jul 29American MosqueAttacking an Islamic center at Ground Zero is an attack on American values
2010, Jul 22Unsettling SimilaritiesA 1942 military survey illustrates the shortcomings of society's perceived progress
2010, Jul 22Corrupting InfluenceBlaming U.S. culture wars for African homophobia won't end either
2010, Jul 22The Right Side of History''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' is a threat to the Constitution and National Security
2010, Jul 14Learning ExperiencesWhen it comes to transphobia, gays and lesbians still have a lot to learn
2010, Jul 14Gut CheckWhatever the next judicial step for DOMA, Obama is already taking heat from the right
2010, Jul 14Show, Don't TellLGBT youth in foster care need to see examples of happy, healthy lives
2010, Jul 07Big LiesAnti-equality forces don't just lie about gays, they lie about democracy as well
2010, Jul 07Court of Public OpinionKagan-hearings commentary ignores guaranteed constitutional protections
2010, Jul 07Stories of LifeRealizing the humanity and experience of trans people is a needed step for equality
2010, Jul 01Reality DistortionWe need vigilance against the idea that some Americans are more real than others
2010, Jul 01Questionable ConsumptionNavigating the marketing maze demands a dose of skepticism
2010, Jun 24Finding FaithEven a non-believer can see the sincerity in some faiths -- and insincerity in others
2010, Jun 24Perkins's Washington WarningFRC's ''update'' alerts the world to GLAA's agenda and the dangers of equality
2010, Jun 17Family FeudingCampaign season is the perfect time to remember that in the big picture, we're on the same side
2010, Jun 17The Wedding SingerElton John can play wherever he wants, but he should expect a well-deserved furor
2010, Jun 10Feels Like the First TimePride is a time to celebrate what we have – and what we will – achieve
2010, Jun 10From Stonewall to the WorkplaceNow is the time for Congress to act on ENDA
2010, Jun 10Winning GracefullyPatience might not always be a political virtue, but neither is obstinance
2010, Jun 03Delayed VictoriesDADT may be nearing its end, but not without some final flares of anti-gay politics
2010, Jun 03Hot TimesIt's summertime, and the living is queasy
2010, May 27Seeking CourageIn our broken political system, doing the right thing seems ever more unlikely
2010, May 27Opening the SystemThe Catholic hierarchy can heal the church by opening itself to change
2010, May 27Indecent PracticesA travesty in Malawi highlights how injustices a world away hit us where we live
2010, May 20Too Little, Too LateLaura Bush's pro-gay comments sound nice but can't atone for her husband's actions
2010, May 20Indignation CelebrationJust because you can take offense, doesn't mean you should
2010, May 12Beyond ScandalousThe Rekers scandal once more highlights our national hypocrisy about sex workers
2010, May 12Lost LuggageThe ''closet'' -- whether internal or external -- has no place in contemporary society
2010, May 12Volunteers for LifeThe search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine depends on volunteers
2010, May 06Focusing ForwardEveryone loves celebrating a birthday, but it's not the most important part of the magazine
2010, May 06Pentagon's Perilous PauseGates and Mullen owe servicemembers leadership in repealing DADT, not caution
2010, May 06Where Truman led, Obama defersIt's time for President Obama to lead the way for repeal this year of ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
2010, Apr 29Making a DifferenceThe winners of the Next Generation Awards inspire a commitment to our present and hope for our future
2010, Apr 29HRC Under FireA question as old as Stonewall returns in the months since Californians passed Proposition 8
2010, Apr 29Get RationalThe movement has momentum, but infighting and petulance hinder
2010, Apr 22Turn Back TimeAs anger mounts over lack of progress on DADT and ENDA, there's a familiar feeling in the air
2010, Apr 22Modern MirageSex and the City returns with a U.A.E. underbelly
2010, Apr 15Whistling DixieA Designing Woman revealed how the struggle for LGBT acceptance is ongoing
2010, Apr 15The Legitimacy LieA few foes of marriage equality are gearing-up for D.C. elections
2010, Apr 08Heaven and HellSome people can't get past the hate; others find happiness in the midst of it
2010, Apr 08Surprised by ParentingGay people are eagerly boarding the baby train, but some of us are still stuck at the station
2010, Mar 31Second ActEveryone loves a newly gay celebrity, but the question is, ''What's next?''
2010, Mar 31Time to Step UpIf you're unsatisfied with the course of the LGBT movement, don't just bash HRC – take the lead
2010, Mar 25All Hands on DeckDon't let divisions between the ''elites'' and the ''grassroots'' derail efforts to repeal ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
2010, Mar 25Immigration InsultCrucial to any immigration reform is recognition of same-sex couples
2010, Mar 18Doctor, DoctorDespite gains in society, gays and lesbians still face challenges receiving equal treatment in health care
2010, Mar 18Vatican's Past ImperfectAmid a new choirboy scandal, social evolution is leaving the Catholic Church behind
2010, Mar 18Seniors in the SpotlightLGBT aging is not a news trend, it is what we are living every day
2010, Mar 11Political ProofIt may seem counterintuitive, but we need Virginia's Republican governor and attorney general to pursue their far-right, anti-gay platform
2010, Mar 11Transformational TieMarriage may not change our relationship, but it changes our relationship to our community
2010, Mar 04How We WonBringing marriage equality to Washington has been years in the making
2010, Mar 03Celebrating VictoryMarriage Equality in D.C. should be met with great joy, even as we work to protect it from opponents of equality
2010, Feb 25Conservatively SpeakingEven with GOProud's CPAC success, gay conservatives have a long way to go
2010, Feb 24Shticks and StonesCheap and easy shots may make for entertaining political outbursts, but it's damaging the nation's discourse
2010, Feb 17Making an ExceptionCheney's support for repealing ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' is a positive, but it's fair to ask what took him so long
2010, Feb 17The Jackson JiveHarry Jackson argues for direct democracy, but fights ''home rule'' on the hill
2010, Feb 17Why Maggie's WrongAnalysis: When Maggie Gallagher complains that gay marriage forces religion out of adoption, she shows she doesn't understand how adoption works
2010, Feb 10Mighty RealDespite what many Tea Partiers think, real Americans can be gay or straight
2010, Feb 10Moving ForwardWhy this black, gay American still supports President Obama
2010, Feb 10Never-Ending NeedVictories are on their way, but there is no finish line
2010, Feb 03''Raw Sex'' and Rev. EvansEvans's marriage rants are sounding like an odd fixation
2010, Feb 03More than WordsTuesday's DADT hearing was a milestone, but repeal is a battle still to be won
2010, Jan 27No More DelaysAfter too long a wait, it's time for the president and congress to end ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
2010, Jan 27Ally Beats EnemyOur fight is ultimately our own, not Obama's
2010, Jan 27The Time Is NowLeadership from Obama and the Congress can end ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell''
2010, Jan 21Strangely FamiliarDemocrats in disarray may abandon gay issues once again
2010, Jan 21Unpacking the NumbersRacism, Poverty and the Response to Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes in D.C.
2010, Jan 21Meanwhile, in SenegalInternational pressure on Uganda is important, but other nations remain havens of anti-LGBT oppression
2010, Jan 21Financial Ally to EvilU.S. money flows into polluted HIV-prevention plans, all the way to Uganda
2010, Jan 14Lights, Camera, InactionThe Prop 8 trial shows that federal courts need more, not less, sunshine
2010, Jan 14Continuing EducationEven with allies, the conversation about LGBT equality never ends
2010, Jan 14On Being FirstAmanda Simpson can help us all learn about trans issues
2010, Jan 07Free To BeFree speech deserves to be defended, especially when it offends us
2010, Jan 07Coming Out ConservativeGOProud's sponsorship of CPAC is a step forward, despite opposition from gay left
2010, Jan 07Feedback FarragoEnd-of-year downtime allows for some examination of the virtual in-box
2009, Dec 24History's HobbyIt may be a fool's errand to predict the course of a new decade, but we know LGBT equality will come
2009, Dec 24Searching for DialogueInflammatory language impedes frank discussions of LGBT and race issues
2009, Dec 24Historic HarvestYears of strategy and execution are enabling today's marriage victories
2009, Dec 17How Marriage HappenedIn the District, a time to celebrate and defend equality
2009, Dec 17Life ChangesSmall changes make for big differences, both in life and in publishing
2009, Dec 17Hurtling Toward HopeIt may have been a ''Decade From Hell,'' but nothing is all bad
2009, Dec 10Lambda's Last CallCenter Field
2009, Dec 03A Moral CompassStonewall Baby
2009, Nov 20Opinion: Should a Publicly-Funded Charity Serve the Public?Catholic Charities attempts to block marriage equality while sitting on the public dole
2009, Nov 19Gay Judgment DayStonewall Baby
2009, Nov 12Allies Before AnimosityCenter Field
2009, Oct 29Opportunity for AllianceCenter Field
2009, Oct 15Street vs. SuiteCenter Field
2009, Oct 08Stepping OutStonewall Baby
2009, Oct 01Diversity's DinosaursCenter Field
2009, Sep 17Time To ActCenter Field
2009, Sep 10I the PeopleStonewall Baby
2009, Sep 03Genteel SlanderCommentary: Center Field
2009, Aug 27Tea TimeCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Aug 20Ripeness Is AllCommentary: Center Field
2009, Aug 13Attitude AdjustmentCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jul 30G-rated GayCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Jul 23Pulling TogetherCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jul 16Bias BallCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Jul 09Sowing SuccessCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jun 25Employing AngerCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jun 18Forty-fiedCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Jun 11Pro-Gay, Pro-ChoiceCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jun 04Chinese TakeawayCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, May 28Captive AudienceCommentary: Center Field
2009, May 21Tribal WarfareCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, May 14Bad ShepherdCommentary: Center Field
2009, May 07The Homophobic LifestyleStonewall Baby
2009, Apr 30Strange FruitCommentary: Center Field
2009, Apr 23The Living DreadCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Apr 09Bruised BrotherhoodCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Apr 02Hoops and HeresyCommentary: Center Field
2009, Mar 19Taxes for TyrantsCommentary: Center Field
2009, Mar 12The New VictimsCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Mar 05Hello, Cruel WorldCommentary: Center Field
2009, Feb 26Vacation BaggageCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Feb 19State of the UnionCommentary: Center Field
2009, Feb 12Yinning My YangCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Feb 05Unholy WarriorsCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jan 29Straights to HellCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Jan 22Small Things, Big MomentCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jan 15Prouder than BombsCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2009, Jan 08Dancing With ObamaCommentary: Center Field
2009, Jan 01Religious OverloadCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Dec 18Marriage or Mirage?Commentary: Center Field
2008, Dec 11Like a GloveCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Dec 04Leading AuthorityCommentary: Center Field
2008, Nov 27Thanksgiving Table TableauCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Nov 20The Next StepCommentary: Center Field
2008, Nov 13History's HeroesCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Nov 06Moving ForwardCommentary: Center Field
2008, Oct 30Burger QueenStonewall Baby
2008, Oct 23CountdownCommentary: Center Field
2008, Oct 09Partisan HeroCommentary: Center Field
2008, Oct 02Fundamentally FlawedCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Sep 25Stay and FightCommentary: Center Field
2008, Sep 18ObamaphobiaCommentary: Center Field
2008, Sep 04Electing to EvolveCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Aug 28Media MuddleCommentary: Center Field
2008, Aug 21Friends and Front PagesCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Aug 14Have FaithCommentary: Center Field
2008, Aug 07Gay and GoldenCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jul 31Guarding Our GainsCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jul 24Food FightCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jul 17Bad Counsel Commentary: Center Field
2008, Jul 10A Dead Weight Commentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jul 03The Ick FactorCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jun 19Cross-Border SkirmishesCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jun 12Making ChangeCommentary: Buggery
2008, Jun 12The Happy HomoCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jun 05A Day at the circusCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jun 05Bye Bye BirdieCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, May 22Equal Protection VictoryCommentary: Center Field
2008, May 15I Want My MommyCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, May 08Pansy DivisionCommentary: Buggery
2008, May 08Free the Sex TradeCommentary: Center Field
2008, May 01Civics LessonCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, May 01Tattered VestmentsCommentary: Center Field
2008, Apr 17The Anti-SocialiteCommentary: Buggery
2008, Apr 17Hit ListCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Apr 10Coming UngluedCommentary: Center Field
2008, Apr 03State of the WorldCommentary: Center Field
2008, Apr 03Fueling OppressionCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Mar 20Wages of SinCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Mar 13Sowing ScornCommentary: Center Field
2008, Mar 06Vacation ViceCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Feb 28False NarrativesCommentary: Center Field
2008, Feb 28Book KeepingCommentary: Buggery
2008, Feb 21Mad MoneyCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Feb 14Syringes and SpineCommentary: Center Field
2008, Feb 07Slinging PornCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jan 31Living SingleCommentary: Buggery
2008, Jan 31Going for BarackCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jan 24Wishing WillCommentary: Stonewall Baby
2008, Jan 17Domestic BlissCommentary: Buggery
2008, Jan 17Roses for the MaestroCommentary: Center Field
2008, Jan 03From the PublishersScene 2007: The Year in Pictures
2007, Dec 20Three Unwise MenCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Dec 06False CureCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Nov 01Red OctoberA Town Square Opinion
2007, Oct 18ENDAgateCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Oct 11From the Editor'Mary Poppins' and the importance of Reel Affirmations
2007, Sep 20Inside OutingCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Sep 06His Lifer StoryCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Aug 16HomebodiesCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Aug 02Small Victory in OhioCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Jul 19Exposing the ''Experts''Commentary: A Town Square Opinion
2007, Jul 05Arc of ProgressA Town Square Opinion
2007, Jun 14Before He Can MarryCommentary: Town Square
2007, May 24Save the ClubsCommentary: Town Square
2007, May 10Crosscurrents in 2008Commentary: Town Square
2007, Apr 19Combating Hate CrimesCommentary: Town Square
2007, Apr 05Policing the PoliceCommentary: Town Square
2007, Mar 15D.C. Marriage 101Commentary: Town Square
2007, Feb 01Just FriendsCommentary: In Exile
2007, Jan 25A New Blow to DADTCommentary: OutRight
2007, Jan 25The Invisible YouthCommentary: Town Square
2007, Jan 04Singular SensationCommentary: In Exile
2006, Dec 21A Canadian LessonCommenatry: OutRight
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2006, Nov 02Got a Minute?Commentary: In Exile
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2006, Oct 26With Open EyesCommentary: Town Square
2006, Oct 19Rescue from the RightA Town Square Opinion
2006, Oct 12Homophobia ReaffirmedCommentary: OutRight
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2006, Sep 28A Clear CourseCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2006, Sep 28Letters to the Editor
2006, Sep 28What About Poly?Commentary: OutRight
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2006, Sep 21Back on the SaddleCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Sep 14Youthful Magic MomentsCommentary: In Exile
2006, Sep 07A Moral MovementA Town Square Opinon
2006, Aug 31Historic RecordCommentary: OutRight: Excerpts from the Archives of Frank Kameny
2006, Aug 24Alternative LifestyleCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Aug 17JailbaitCommentary: In Exile
2006, Aug 10Return to SenderCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Aug 10Gatekeeper GambitA Town Square Opinion: Protesting the injustices againt gays in Iran
2006, Aug 03On the Bright SideCommentary: OutRight
2006, Jul 27Green-Eyed EnvyCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Jul 20The New York EffectCommentary: OutRight
2006, Jul 13Dog DaysCommentary: In Exile
2006, Jul 06Lawn OverdueCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Jul 06Victorious DefeatCommentary: OutRight
2006, Jun 29Schism SchematicA Town Square Opinion
2006, Jun 22Bottoms Up!Commentary: In Exile
2006, Jun 15Worth Fighting ForA Town Square Opinion
2006, Jun 08Alternate HistoryCommentary: OutRight
2006, Jun 01Life After MethA Town Square Opinion
2006, May 25Taking the LeadLetter to the Editor: Clearing up the DC mayoral candidates positions on gay marriage
2006, May 25Fighting BackCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, May 18Friendly FireCommentary: In Exile
2006, May 11Where's the wedding?Commentary: OutRight
2006, May 11Rough and TumbleCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, May 04Borderline CrazyCommentary: In Exile
2006, Apr 27Traditional ValuesCommentary: OutRight
2006, Apr 27A Bee in My BonnetCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Apr 20Gays in EurabiaA Town Square Opinon: Muslim immigrants to Europe are threatening the rights of gays, women and free speech
2006, Apr 13Perking Me UpCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Apr 06Ball GamesCommentary: In Exile
2006, Mar 30Let Catholics DiscriminateCommentary: OutRight
2006, Mar 30Upping the AnteCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Mar 23Sudden DepartureCommentary: In Exile
2006, Mar 16FAIR's Fair?Commentary: OutRight
2006, Mar 09Doggie StyleCommentary: In Exile
2006, Mar 09Learning LessonsTown Square opinion: Restraint is necessary to acheive gay marriage
2006, Mar 02The Cost of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'Commentary: OutRight
2006, Mar 02Run baby, run!Town Square: The Victory Fund trains and prepares openly gay candidates for fit political campaigns
2006, Feb 23That Sinking FeelingCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Feb 02Fighting the Holy WarA Town Square Opinion
2006, Jan 26Badly Aimed BoycottA Town Square Opinion: Boycott of Jerusalem World Pride 2006 is misdirected radicalism
2006, Jan 26That Time of Year AgainCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2006, Jan 19Oppose Alito?Commentary: OutRight
2005, Dec 22Brokeback's LackCommentary: OutRight
2005, Dec 22Drama QueenCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Dec 22Human NatureCommentary: In Exile
2005, Dec 15Crain's CampaignCommentary: A Town Square Opinion
2005, Dec 08Court on CampusCommentary: OutRight
2005, Dec 08Chilly ReceptionCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Nov 17Open HouseCommentary: In Exile
2005, Oct 27Sense in AdvertisingCommentary: OutRight
2005, Oct 27The Cute OneCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Oct 20Same time next week?Commentary: In Exile
2005, Oct 13Trouble in TexasCommentary: OutRight
2005, Sep 29A Sigh of ReliefCommentary: OutRight
2005, Sep 29White WeddingCommentary: In Exile
2005, Sep 22Lesbian Stereo-hypingCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Sep 15Arnold's LegacyCommentary: OutRight
2005, Sep 15On the JobCommentary: In Exile
2005, Sep 08Port in a StormCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Aug 25Why Iran MattersOpinion: Town Square
2005, Aug 25Bad-Ass LesbiansCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Aug 18Proud MomentsA Town Square Opinion
2005, Aug 18Crossed TracksCommentary: In Exile
2005, Aug 11Heavy DutyCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Aug 04Fun in the SunCommentary: In Exile
2005, Jul 28Age RageCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Jul 14Losing Sight of FreedomOpinion: Town Square
2005, Jul 07The Cat's MeowCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Jun 30TrainspottingCommentary: In Exile
2005, May 26Oh, BrotherCommentary: In Exile
2005, May 19Fondling the Boob TubeCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, May 05Emotional FescueCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Apr 21Hat HeadCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Apr 07Hipster GaysCommentary: In Exile
2005, Mar 31Hopping MadCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Mar 24Heavy LiftingCommentary: In Exile
2005, Mar 17Fag BashingCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Mar 10Bubbling OverIn Exile: Commentary
2005, Feb 17Condom-Free PornCommentary: In Exile
2005, Feb 10Pluck OffCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2005, Feb 03Old PipesCommentary: In Exile
2005, Jan 27Identity KrisesAlphabet Soup
2005, Jan 27Absent RecognitionA Town Square Opinion: GLAAD misses opportunities to recognize black, gay journalism again
2005, Jan 13Fantasy IslandCommentary: In Exile
2005, Jan 06Busted!Commentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Dec 16You Shouldn't HaveCommentary: In Exile
2004, Dec 09Equal OpportunityCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Dec 02Suit Your ShelfCommentary: In Exile
2004, Nov 18First ClassCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Nov 11A Far CryCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Nov 04Is It Over?Commentary: In Exile
2004, Oct 28Truth-MongeringCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Oct 21Shacking UpCommentary: In Exile
2004, Oct 14Pink BunnyCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Oct 07A Rodeo Hate CrimeA Town Square Opinion
2004, Oct 07Outside the BoxCommentary: In Exile
2004, Sep 23Booby-GazingCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Sep 16Grand Old ProtestorsCommentary: In Exile
2004, Sep 02A Changing RehobothA Town Square opinion: A bit grayer, a lot more expensive; yet Rehoboth Beach, DE remains a gay-friendly destination
2004, Sep 02Charmed, I'm SureAlphabet Soup
2004, Aug 26Fun in the SunIn Exile
2004, Aug 12Blind AmbitionCommentary: In Exile
2004, Jul 29Wheels in MotionCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Jul 29Step Back from Stead ParkA Town Square Opinon: Responses to Patrick Mensasco's plans for a gay community center in DC
2004, Jul 22Greener PasturesCommentary: In Exile
2004, Jul 15Passion PlayA Town Square Opinion: A response to criticism of HRC's support of John Kerry
2004, Jul 15The Accidental FlirtCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Jul 08Losing Our MoralityA Town Square Opinion: HRC's endorsement of John Kerry is an amoral compromise on gay marriage
2004, Jul 01Friends and RelationsCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Jun 24Underground RailroadCommentary: In Exile
2004, Jun 10Nowhere FastCommentary: In Exile
2004, May 27Rebutting a RantA Town Square Opinon: NGLTF responds to Rick Rosendall's rant
2004, May 27Mighty ChristianCommentary: In Exile
2004, May 20Bugging OutCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, May 13Misplaced PrioritiesA Town Square Opinion: NGLTF fails fight for gay marriage due to race issues
2004, May 06Hair and ThereCommentary: In Exile
2004, May 06Boy CrazyCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Apr 22What the L?Commentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Apr 22Straight FlushCommentary: In Exile
2004, Apr 15Everyday ActivistsA Town Square Opinion
2004, Apr 08Let Me Tell YouCommentary: Alphabet Soup
2004, Apr 01Parental GuidanceCommentary: OutRight
2004, Mar 25Do A Little DanceAlphabet Soup
2004, Mar 11The CorrectionsAlphabet Soup
2004, Feb 26100 Percent CottonAlphabet Soup
2004, Feb 12Boston MarriageAlphabet Soup
2004, Jan 29Just My TypeAlphabet Soup
2004, Jan 22Raucous CaucusAlphabet Soup
2004, Jan 08Busy BodyAlphabet Soup
2003, Dec 25Bonnie Voyage!Learning Curve
2003, Dec 18Reason for the SeasonAlphabet Soup
2003, Dec 11Hey, Santa!Learning Curve
2003, Nov 20Women's WorkLearning Curve
2003, Nov 13Politically CorrectAlphabet Soup
2003, Oct 30Beautiful DayLearning Curve
2003, Oct 16Grave LessonsLearning Curve
2003, Oct 09'Atta Girl!Alphabet Soup
2003, Oct 02Bearing False WitnessLearning Curve
2003, Sep 25Reality BitesAlphabet Soup
2003, Sep 18Everyday TerrorLearning Curve
2003, Sep 11Professing LoveAlphabet Soup
2003, Sep 04Hope Springs EternalLearning Curve
2003, Aug 21For the RecordLearning Curve
2003, Aug 14Girl Meets WhirlAlphabet Soup
2003, Aug 07First PersonLearning Curve
2003, Jul 31A New Turn-OnAlphabet Soup
2003, Jul 24Ready for VacationLearning Curve
2003, Jul 17I SwearAlphabet Soup
2003, Jul 10Minority ReportLearning Curve
2003, Jul 03Safe SexAlphabet Soup
2003, Jun 26Gaydar TestingLearning Curve
2003, Jun 19Surfing BuddiesAlphabet Soup
2003, Jun 12Record of the PastLearning Curve
2003, Jun 05Voice of ReasonAlphabet Soup
2003, May 29Graduation GayLearning Curve
2003, May 22Mr. Nice GuyAlphabet Soup
2003, May 15A Visit from EllenLearning Curve
2003, May 08Owed to MomAlphabet Soup
2003, May 01Southern Success StoryLearning Curve
2003, Apr 24Taxing TimesAlphabet Soup
2003, Apr 17Back to SchoolLearning Curve
2003, Apr 10Good DogAlphabet Soup
2003, Apr 03The Lingering Whiff of Anti-SemitismLearning Curve
2003, Mar 27All's FairAlphabet Soup
2003, Mar 20Night of KingsLearning Curve
2003, Mar 13Fishing for AnswersAlphabet Soup
2003, Mar 06Duct and CoverLearning Curve
2003, Feb 27Rites of PassageAlphabet Soup
2003, Feb 20Unfriendly SkiesLearning Curve
2003, Feb 13Where the Heart IsAlphabet Soup
2003, Feb 06Lesbian Sex StatsLearning Curve
2003, Jan 30Missed ConnectionsAlphabet Soup
2003, Jan 23Speaking in MothertonguesLearning Curve
2003, Jan 16Transformation TrainAlphabet Soup
2003, Jan 09Gender Battles on Title IXLearning Curve
2003, Jan 02Auld Lang SyneAlphabet Soup
2002, Dec 19Family TiesAlphabet Soup
2002, Dec 12Campus Radicals, Past and PresentLearning Curve
2002, Dec 05Life with Pooh (and Piglet)Alphabet Soup
2002, Nov 21All the TrimmingsAlphabet Soup
2002, Nov 07Breast WishesAlphabet Soup
2002, Oct 24Ex CaliberAlphabet Soup
2002, Oct 10Home Sweet HomeAlphabet Soup
2002, Sep 26Traversing the Big CAlphabet Soup
2002, Sep 05 Stranger in a Straight LandAlphabet Soup
2002, Aug 22Auntie EstablishmentAlphabet Soup
2002, Jul 04And I Love HimAlphabet Soup
1994, May 05GreetingsLetter from the Publishers

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