Metro Weekly


October 28-November 3, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Welcome to the shooting match which is your life. Take aim at your objectives, align your spine with your desires and put your back into it. You’ve got the necessary coordination to hit what you’re shooting for, but you’ll have to concentrate. You’re in the thick of your reward phase, again. Appreciate what comes your way—and remember you made a conscious choice somewhere back down the line to bring you to the current moment. Enjoy the moment, but keep your eyes open and on the prize.

Aries: Look hard. Measure twice in order to cut once. Pay attention to the instructions as provided, and read them all the way through before you get started—this step could save you a bucket of time and resources both. Work your metabolic responses on Monday.

Taurus: Is it you? Is it something you were supposed to have done? Is it nobody’s business but your own at the end of the day? Really, you need to relax. You need to get out more. You need to begin planning your next big vacation. Maybe you need a home makeover!

Gemini: Wearing your concern on your sleeve is comforting to no one but yourself. Contain your angst and contain your temper and you’ll find you get more communicated and more completed than you’d dared to think possible. Ask two more people than you want for best results.

Cancer: Walking the talk not only gets on your nerves, it gives you blisters and makes your corns act up. OK. Is it time to get shoes better suited to the tasks at hand? And what shape will those symbolic shoes take when they manifest in your daily life? Feel out the answer early.

Leo: Timing is everything. Timing, and delegation. Timing, delegation and concentration. Timing, delegation, concentration and planning. You get the idea. You’re going to have to form a team. You’re going to have to multi-task. You’re going to have to innovate. Get going.

Virgo: There’s a symphony playing in your head. There’s a forest growing in your heart. There’s a new complexity in the air and it’s got you reeling with the possibilities. Are you down with the consequences? Are you up for change? Build an existence outside the box.

Libra: You’ve been squeezed like a grape. You’ve been interrogated like a criminal. You’ve been flayed and laid on the coals like a saint of old or a steak du jour. You’ve been up the road and down the road, but you haven’t reached out. Now it’s time to go to your network. Call Sunday.

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Scorpio: Send up a flare to let yourself know where you’ve gotten to. You’re taking all the right steps, but you’re not moving very quickly. Try to set realistic goals and make better use of the time (which is at hand). Create community with sincerity, not so much the charisma!

Sagittarius: A lot of the old tricks just won’t work anymore. It’s time to own up to your shortcomings and find short-term fixes and long-term strategies to get your ball rolling again. You’ve been hibernating. Now you need to wake up and forage for all you’re worth. Stretch.

Capricorn: Time and tide have been riding you like a bronco-buster at round-up. Can you turn the tables and make your obstacles into opportunities? You have the technology and the access and the resources. Do you have the necessary will? Are you ready to be happy yet?

Aquarius: Look behind the door. Look under the bed. Look at the back of the closet. You’ve left your self-respect somewhere, and it wasn’t at that crazy club downtown, either. If you want to take the risk of looking yourself in the eye, you’ll be surprised by what you see.

Pisces: Desire wages with rage in a surprising twist on an old theme. You had no idea you could feel so conflicted without your head popping clean off your shoulders. Yet here you stand, and you’re in a fairly viable, if more vulnerable, state. Listen to the Taurus.


October 21-27, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: It’s the kind of week where everything gets big quickly, with wildly unexpected outcomes. So buckle your seatbelts, you’re all in for a bumpy ride. The key is to take the violent changes in direction in stride, and try to relax (thinking of England is wholly optional). Wear red to attract more attention. Wear gray to indicate your essential seriousness. Order small plates to keep your appetite from running amuck. Trust the information from your own two eyes, but avoid gossip like the plague.

Aries: You’re not just in it to win it, you’re in it to annihilate the competition and prove yourself the master of your fate and the captain of your ship. Good for you. But take a moment to imagine some way in which you can simultaneously express compassion and render aid.

Taurus: Delicacy after novelty after excess just leaves you queasy and constipated of late. Recalibrate to regain your equilibrium. Refocus to redirect toward your inner true north. Recondition to repair your recent overindulgences. You can have what you dream of.

Gemini: You are not alone, though you think you’ve been left in the dark for longer than anyone could find an excuse for. Reach out to your diverse and far-flung community of peers. You will surprise yourself with the depth of commitment and devotion expressed therein.

Cancer: The sensation is real. The condition is critical. The situation is demanding. The die is cast. And you’re on first. Your inner coordination will make or break the play in front of you. Can you align your heart with your will? Clarify goals through meditation and long, hot baths.

Leo: Count on yourself first, but don’t forget the excellent team of wolfishly dedicated support that you’ve assembled. If you don’t learn to delegate, you’ll hit the wall fast and hard both. Trust your cohort to see you through, and use your conviction to bring in others still.

Virgo: You know you want it. You want it so bad you can taste it. You want it with a fire and a passion almost wholly foreign to your cooler perspective. Fine, you’ve identified a viable target. Now you’ll need praxis to get you from here to there before Wednesday. Float.

Libra: Is it your destiny? Is it your curse? Is it just one of those things? It might be all of these and more. Even if you’re certain these are not all your original chickens coming home to roost, you might think of a means of integrating them into the larger picture for now.

Scorpio: If you would take better internal care of yourself, you wouldn’t have to act out in this fashion to get attention. That said, you’re in an interesting quandary and you’ve got a fascinating array of options from which to choose. Consult with an Aries for a vigorous response.

Sagittarius: You’ve been good. You’ve kept your hands in your pockets. You’ve kept your opinions to yourself. You’ve held your tongue in general. Will you continue to keep vigil, or could you conceivably have other fish to fry by this late date? Catch up with your do list soon.

Capricorn: Whoa. It’s been like that for a while, and it will be for a while longer. All the same, you have to pace yourself so that you’ll last. You have to feed yourself so that you don’t drop from exhaustion. You have to nurture your soul for the future’s sake. Leave early.

Aquarius: Okay, you didn’t start it. And you’re correct, it isn’t your turn. But you’re part of a larger system and you may be called on to take one for the team—one more time. If your heart’s not in it, but your brain understands the necessity, you’ll be able to get there.

Pisces: You wanted it so badly for so long you’d almost forgotten what sparked the initial moment of desire. You have the obscure object of desire within range. Will you refocus so that you can bring in the fabulous questing beast of this latter age? A Libra will help Monday.


October 14-20, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: What are you seeding by intent? What are you seeding by accident? What you sow right now is the ”crop” that will see you through the cold, dark winter to come. Plan to make the most of your potential by putting your best foot forward in getting your hopes germinated and your successes bedded down to winter over. You could support an empire on your yield, if you’ll only take care to fertilize with love and water with affection. Release your impatience for a new world order.

Aries: Change happens. Structures shift. Foundations crumble. It’s no earthquake – not of that kind. This is the shattering of complacency and the tectonics of personal growth in action. You’re not just a contender, you’re a favorite. Can you let yourself believe in your success?

Taurus: Destiny wears many masks. Some are attractive, but hide a mealy surface. Some are grotesque, only to serve as cover for the sacred or the lovely. What masks are you wearing? Which ones could you discard to your advantage? What new ones would you like to acquire?

Gemini: You don’t want to pay the ”love tax,” but you want the benefits of that security. You don’t want to plan for the distant fiscal future, but you don’t want to be cold when old. You don’t want the burden of responsibility for your personal internal development. Hmmm….

Cancer: You could look without touching, but your hands might reach out of their own volition. Objects of desire being what they are, you can’t really say no – and you really don’t want to say yes. This magic mirror shows you both your greatest fears and your likeliest victories.

Leo: Determination should be enough. You’ve got courage in spades and patience to put the Rock of Ages to shame. But that drip, drip, drip would wear on the patience of a saint. Send yourself light and peace and hope. Ignore naysayers and doom peddlers. They’re wrong.

Virgo: You can’t resist. You shouldn’t have to. It wasn’t on the long-range radar, but you’re not always the best at guessing. This sweeping passion might carry you into a flood of hard-to-control emotional material. It might carry you off your feet and into a brand-new paradigm!

Libra: Tempis fugit, yes it does. Are you staring at the clock, watching each sweep of the second hand? Are you shocked when you look up to see how much time has passed without your noticing? Your future is circling back to meet your past, or vice versa. Be prepared.

Scorpio: You’re still trying to win a game you learned when you were little and never really stopped playing. Is this game any fun? Is there room in it for others to join, or will they have to stay spectators? The rules have gotten more complex lately, but are those changes desirable?

Sagittarius: You have everything you want, with one exception. You could do whatever mattered most, if you would only let go of what you already have. You’re caught in a conundrum from which there is no easy way out. You’re inventive. Look low and high alike.

Capricorn: Disbelief is easy and undemanding. Extending your understanding of the possible takes faith and practice both. Are you up for the challenge just as everything gets more and more complex? Can you walk away from the likely payoff if you’re not? Ask an Aries.

Aquarius: Your dreams are trying to tell you something, but you have your practical fingers in your metaphysical ears. You’d rather lead a more prosaic, less demanding life. You’d rather walk your chosen path than make a trail into the wilderness of your soul.

Pisces: Got an itch you want scratched, but you just can’t reach it yourself? Oh yeah. This is why you have friends and cohorts and associates and the like. Trust them just a little, and you’ll find that trust repaid with relief and contentment and interest. Yes, you can!