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Gallery: Art Inspired by the Twilight Zone

Del Ray Artisans explores humanity's hopes, despairs, and prejudices

Journey Into a Wondrous Land — By Gordon Thomas Frank

For its latest group exhibition, Alexandria’s Del Ray Artisans Gallery invited its member artists to explore humanity’s hopes, despairs, and prejudices in metaphoric ways that go beyond what could be seen on conventional TV.

The result are works of art or photography influenced or inspired by or referencing Rod Serling’s classic sci-fi TV show The Twilight Zone, which first started exploring another dimension sixty years ago this year.

Opening Reception is Friday, Oct. 4, from 7 to 9 p.m. On display to Oct. 27. 2704 Mount Vernon Ave. Alexandria. Call 703-731-8802 or visit

Submitted for Your Approval — By Wendy Leaumont

Rod — By Gordon Thomas Frank

Oracle Box — By Zade Ramsey

Eye of the Beholder — By Donna Lee Gallo

Beauty is Only Skin Deep — By Brandon Vernon

You Light Up My Life — By Kathy Turner

Wish it to the Cornfield — By Corrin Pumphrey

Watching You — By Emily Poulin

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