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Whitman-Walker Clinic

2008 Capital Pride

Whitman-Walker Clinic’s 30 years of service to the D.C. area LGBT community are legendary. ”We were the first LGBT-focused health care provider in the city,” says Don Blanchon, CEO of Whitman-Walker. ”And we were one of the first responders to the HIV/AIDS epidemic when it began in the early 1980s.”

As the Clinic enters its fourth decade of service, LGBT care remains one of the Clinic’s main focus areas.

”We have worked to expand our services for the LGBT community over the last two years,” says Blanchon. ”This year, we are especially proud to offer expanded services for women and the transgender community.”

The Clinic has hired an OB/GYN to its medical staff, marking the first time that such services have ever been offered through Whitman-Walker. The Clinic has also added a Women’s Client Care Coordinator to help women maximize the health care services they can receive.

Whitman-Walker also offers comprehensive care for the transgender community through its Transgender Health Clinic.

”Transgender men and women can receive competent and affirming care here,” says Blanchon. ”We can provide them with primary medical care, hormone and testosterone therapy, counseling and other services that can not only help them transition in a healthy way, but help them maintain their physical and mental health for the rest of their lives.”

The Clinic also continues to offer primary medical care for the LGBT community, STD screening and treatment, mental health services, addictions treatment and specialty HIV/AIDS care.

”Thirty years ago, Whitman-Walker Clinic was created to fill a need in the LGBT community,” says Blanchon. ”Today, that need is still there for competent and affirming care to help lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people lead long, healthy and fulfilling lives. As long as that need exists, Whitman-Walker Clinic will remain committed to providing that care.”

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