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Pride House International calls on IOC to host LGBT safe space in Sochi

“We challenge the IOC to demonstrate its good faith by hosting under its aegis a Pride House in Sochi, open to all, athletes and visitors, gay and straight, Russian and foreign. If the IOC truly believes the assurances of Russian authorities, then the IOC should be able to override the existing ban on a Sochi Pride House and offer a venue for all to meet safely and with freedom of expression.”

— Marc Naimark, of the Federation of Gay Games, as quoted in a July 31 release issued by an “international coalition of LGBT sport and human rights organizations” under the name Pride House International. The coalition’s request to the International Olympic Committee for there to be an official LGBT presence at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, comes as the IOC says the government has made assurances that a new law that forbids any display of “nontraditional sexual relations” will not be enforced at the Olympics site, while Russian legislator Vitaly Milanov – a major backer of the country’s anti-LGBT legislation – insists otherwise. (Pride House International)    

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