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Metro PFLAG DC’s David Fishback responds to Dexter Manley’s use of anti-gay slur

Fishback.png“My reaction was to be very, very sad, initially, frankly, for Mr. Manley. But my second reaction is that in making a statement like that, clearly as a matter of total disrespect – I know it’s locker room banter – of total disrespect. And in doing that, he demeans young people who are gay, including young athletes and people who idolize sports figures, and perhaps even more significantly, he legitimizes, and perpetuates, the kind of disrespect for gay people that cab lead to hate and bullying, which as we know, can have terrible, terrible effects on people.

Manley.pngSo many Americans have been on a journey in recent years, and have come to a place where they’ve shed their old prejudices and practices the Golden Rule, and it’s sad that Mr. Manley had not yet even begun that journey. One would hope that someone who has overcome so many difficulties in his life would be understanding of others. Perhaps this will enable him to begin that journey. I certainly hope so.”

-David Fishback, Metro PFLAG DC’s advocacy chair, in a FOX 5 interview on Oct. 29 responding to former Redskins player Dexter Manley, who called former rival Troy Aikman a “queer” during an Oct. 28 radio interview on WTOP while analyzing the Redskins’ loss to the Denver Broncos. Manley later apologized for the comments, but was notified by WTOP that he will no longer be invited to appear on the radio station’s programs. 

[Photo 1: Screenshot of David Fishback in FOX 5 interview (video courtesy of FOX 5 DC). Photo 2: Dexter Manley (courtesy of]

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