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Gay Republicans launch ad against Barney Frank, gay-friendly Democrats

”If you thought the Housewives were dysfunctional, wait until you meet the real Democrats of DC. They’re catty: Barney. They’re arrogant: Barbara. And they’re in charge! Nancy. [The Change? Out of control debt, runaway spending and the loss of jobs.] Under Democrats, reality bites. Paid for by the GoProud, Inc and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. GOProud, Inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

Contents of an advertisement put out by a gay Republican group that targets the personalities of Democrats: Representative Barney Frank, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Each politician’s image is accompanied by an out-of-context sound bite. (GOProud via YouTube)

All three of these members of Congress are considered strong allies of the LGBT community by most. And they have been branded as top political enemies by conservative-leaning organizations like Fox News Channel, the Tea Party movement, and far-right political operatives.

That a gay group would create a TV ad to target these three rather than those who are overtly hostile to the gay community (like Senator Jim DeMint) is bothersome to some observers. Yet it is not entirely surprising: The same Republican organization hosted a fundraiser recently with outspoken gay marriage opponent Ann Coulter as the featured speaker.

CNN reports that the group spent $50,000 on getting this ad out on gay-friendly cable channels Lifetime and Bravo.

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